Angelo Matni

Computer Scientist
2018 2014
Education 2001 - 2018 Northwestern University Fall 2014 - Spring 2018 Maine East High School Fall 2010 - Spring 2014
Northwestern University
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Double Major
Some of the topics I have gone in much depth into:
Compilers: Programming Languages (EECS 321), Compiler Construction (EECS 322), Compiler Analysis and Transformations (EECS 396), Compiler Research (EECS 399)
Machine Learning: Intro to AI (EECS 348), AI Programming (EECS 325), Intro to Machine Learning (EECS 349), Probabilistic Graphical Models (EECS 474), Machine Learning Foundations (EECS 395)
Systems (CS): Operating Systems (EECS 343), Intro to Computer Networking (EECS 340)
Algorithms: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (EECS 336), Linear Optimizations (IEMS 313)
Dynamical Systems: Applied Dynamical Systems (ESAM 322), Models in Applied Mathematics (ESAM 421), Methods of Applied Mathematics (ESAM 311)
Mathematical Foundations: Linear Algebra: Second Course (MATH 334), Complex Analysis (MATH 325), Discrete Math (EECS 212), Honors Calculus (ESAM 252)
Game Development: Computer Game Design (EECS 370), Game Design and Development (EECS 396), Game Development Studio (EECS 397)
Web Development: Software Project Management & Development (EECS 394)